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How To Buy A Foal

How To Buy A Foal

Buying foals to sell on as yearlings is a popular means to attempt to make a good return on an initial investment.
‘Pin hooking’ as it is known, is a thriving market and most people at the foal sales are buying to resell. The foal will spend most of this time out at grass so the costs are relatively low, however, there are no guarantees profits will be made so it is still a risky business.
Foals are less than a year old when they are offered at auction and obviously still very immature youngsters. Many buyers enlist the expert help of a bloodstock agent who will assess the foals for their potential development as well as examining their pedigree and assess the physical of the individual and try to match with the budget available.

The Process In Pictures

The foals arrive at the sales complex 2 or 3 days before the sale starts, with up to 1000 foals selling over 4 days.

The sales company in Newmarket issue glossy catalogues listing all the details about each foal, for example their pedigree, and their location whilst they are at the sales. They are usually referred to by their lot number.

The agent will go through the catalogue selecting foals based on pedigree and then follow up with a viewing to make notes about the physical appearance and conformation, how well they walk and their temperament.

From this information, a shortlist of ‘possibles’ is drawn up with an approximate valuation.

The foals are brought up to the sales ring and walk round waiting their turn. It also gives potential buyers a last chance to have a look.

Once in the ring the bidding starts! If you are lucky enough to buy one of your shortlisted foals, you sign a document as purchaser and then have to immediately arrange for the transport of your foal to its new home as you are responsible for him/her from the fall of hammer!

See the bidding and the moment the hammer falls during the sale of our most recent acquisition on behalf of a client, the delightful foal, Thomas.

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