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Choosing The Right Horses

Successful bloodstock ownership also starts with selecting the right horses, be it broodmares or foals. A balance of pedigree, physical conformation, sire trend and commerciality is key, together with whether you actually like the individual and do they fit the bill for the reason you are buying!  We will be with you all the way with this process.

Looking After Your Horse

Once you’ve bought your horses they need the right care whether you plan to keep them for a while and breed from them or to sell on the youngsters the in following year or two. There is a lot to consider even if you are turning your foal out to grass for much of the year. Again, we can advise and take care of everything for you, including the admin and keep close contact with the stud farm, especially during the foaling and covering season.

Breeding Management

We advise and inform on the selection of a stallion for your mare, not only to obtain the best commercial outcome, but to enhance the profile of the mare which will in turn increase her value as an asset and potentially any future offspring she produces.

Sales Management

We provide advice and follow up with management of all the aspects of the decisions made on the sale of  your young stock, selecting the most appropriate sale for that individual to aim to achieve the best outcome financially.

Interested in bloodstock ownership?